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We are pleased to offer a selection of Motorcycle Products and services.

BRA mod machining service

(SKU #1854-2)

Machining of the rock arm cup so that the valve lift is increased by altering the rocker arm ratio. The cup location can be machined up to 2MM from the stock location. This would be equal to a 2 valve engine with 2.02" dia valves with .498" valve lift changing to .538" valve lift. That's the equivalent of .040 total lift increase on a 2 valve head. Note; there is no increase in power with this rocker arm mod on  the stock intake tract unless the intake port size is increased (porting). These services are still availible for someone that has ported their heads and would like to see more power gained without changing cams.

Complete Machining service (includes welding and machining only, customer supplies rocker arms)

Price: $175.00

Complete Machining service with new OEM rocker arms supplied by Brains Industries

Price: $550.00

B.A.M. - Brains Air box Mod for Raider and Liner motorcycles

SKU # 1854-1

The Brains Air box Mod is the thing to have when it comes to increasing the intake performance of your motorcycle. This mod will increase the stock air box snorkel openings 35% which is just what this engine requires. Dyno tests have shown consistent power increases of 90 HP/120 Tq ( on a liner with stock head pipes, roadhouse muffler and stock ECU) and 96 hp/117Tq on a Raider (Freedom sharp curves radius pipes, Cobra FI2000R power Pro and Brains Air box Mod)  - the Raiders have different gearing and have about 8Ft/lbs less torque than the liners. A Liner should expect to see around 96 Hp and 125 Tq. That's not to bad for the $60 - $65 dollars this air box mod costs, especially when compared to the high priced alternative of the BAK POD filter systems costing $250.00 or more. At 1/4 the cost of those kits the B.A.M. is the BEST aftermarket intake system out there for the Yamaha 113 CID engine. The benefit on being able to retain the positive crankcase ventilation and all the factory sensors and stock design make this the cleanest mod you can install with the slightest amount of work or hassle. If you already bought a K&N air filter you are already ahead of the game as you can still use it with this mod rather than throw it away because you bought a BAK and can no longer use that nice K&N filter. The BAM kit is also really nice because;

1. It won't ruin any stock components.

2. Enhances the stock design.

3. Retains the stock positive crankcase ventilation.

4. Creates a 150% increase in the snorkel inlet openings

5. Helps to maintain torque at lower RPM due to the longer intake tract.

6. Is totally reversible.

7. Only takes a few minutes to install.

8. Doesn't require removing the stock air box.

9. Is the lowest cost intake mod available.

10. Provides the same power increases the high priced BAK's do at a fraction of the cost.

Price: $74.00 Raider / $79.00 Liners. Price includes shipping to the lower 48 states, International shipping will be calculated and the shipping charges will be sent via Paypal to the buyer after the purchase is completed.

BRAINs POWER cord adapter

(SKU #1854-3)

BRAIN POWER cord adapter will plug in to your heated jacket liner power extention. Now you can charge your phone, GPS or any other device that can plug in to a 12 volt power outlet. Still want to run your heated liner, just ask for the kit with the splitter cable and you can either have 2 12v outlets or one outlet and plug in your coat

Price: To Be Determined